DeltaQuad Simulator

The DeltaQuad Simulator is intended to provide users of the DeltaQuad with a means of familiarizing themselves with the Ground Control Software and various flight modes offered by the system. The simulator has been configured to mimic the behavior of the DeltaQuad in actual flight conditions.

The simulator installation instructions will have been provided to you via e-mail.

Video instruction

A video instruction for setting up the DeltaQuad simulator is available here:‚Äč

Using the simulator

Although the simulator is compatible with all major operating systems, it is known to not always perform well on Mac. If the simulated vehicle does not fly in a stable manner it is recommended to increase the number of CPU cores in the virtual appliance settings.

To run the simulator appliance you will need to enable virtualization in your BIOS. Please refer to your computer manual to enable virtualization on your computer.

The simulator can be used to get acquainted with the Ground Control Station and to test fly missions before executing them on the physical vehicle.

The following things should be taken into consideration when running the simulator:

  • The battery consumption is not accurately simulated.

  • DSPS functions are not activated in the simulator.

  • The simulator uses different flight parameters, these should not be used on the physical machine.

For more information on the DeltaQuad simulator please refer to the documentation provided to you via e-mail.